IT solutions for logistics optimization

We increase efficiency by using modern technologies,
algorhitms and decentralized blockchain.

Who we are?

We are small team of passionate developers who like to code and provide the best in class service for users. Our main project provides information to 300 000+ users daily. We rely on open source and produce open source.

We develop software and provide IT services with focus on GIS, real-time interactions and Bitcoin.

public transport in real-time

Open source Bustime project is a full-stack solution for real-time public transport monitoring. It increases the convenience of using public transportation and reduce passenger waiting time at stops. Client software is compatible with TalkBack/VoiceOver and ready for use by visually impaired users.

Bustime is capable to: collect GPS data from vehicles (using Bustime app or any GPS tracker), provide and manage dispatch information, forecast arrival time, provide passenegers real-time information via web-site and Android/IOS applications, retransmit this data using Websocket, GTFS-RT or Bustime protocol.

We rely on open data and believe that real-time navigation information for public transportation should be open and published as open data. We improve the quality of the passenger experience at no cost to the state budget. By reusing government data, we create a free and open product and give passengers the freedom to choose.

Parabarter SL provides commercial support and consulting for transport companies and city administrations. We are open to partnerships and ready to install and maintain Bustime servers for your organization.

planetary logistics

A next-generation service for exchange goods and services with revolutionary approach to advertisements. You can think of it like Craiglist 2.0 with integrated chat, Bitcoin payments, digital document workflow, editable OSM based map, unified access point for IoT and public available API for user-generated content. Under active development.

Open source, self-hosted and federated
Matrix protocol
Bitcoin blockchain proof of existance
Digital document workflow with cryptographic signatures
Exchanges through multiple steps
Advertisement engine with user payouts

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